The free JC Player version
is fully customizable but watermarked.
To remove the watermark you need a domain key.

1 domain

10 domains

100 domains


You should get the Non-commercial license ONLY if you are going to use this product for non-commercial projects. If you plan to use this product to create content for a website/project that will generate ANY type of income, you should get a commercial license instead.


You should get a commercial license if you are going to use JC Player for any kind of commercial projects.

Inside the pack

The JC Player 2.0 MXP installer
Three full HTML5/JavaScript templates
Three configurable swf files
ActionScript Usage Guide
HTML embed code
Configuration XML examples
Tutorials with sample files


For HTML/JavaScript version
Any text/HTML/XML editor
JavaScript enabled in client's
browser with HTML5 and CSS3 support

For Flash version
IDE versions: Adobe Flash CS3,
Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Flash CS5.
ActionScript version: AS3.0. Flash Player 9+.


- Flash and HTML5 versions
- 3 player templates and other are coming soon
- a huge set of skin presets
- highly customizable video players
- stylish and fresh design
- configuration panel to set easily the player
- live preview in panel
- embed YouTube videos (only in Flash)
- audio file support (only in Flash)
- share easily on Facebook and Twitter
- Progressive download
- RTMP streaming (only in Flash)
- StageVideo render option (only in Flash)
- HD option


If you need to embed JC Player in an app that allows users (3rd party / non-JC Player customers) to edit and create their own players, you have to get an OEM license instead of a developer/site license.

if you have questions about the OEM License.