JC Playlist not working on master SWF

Posted by kanuzaoooo 
JC Playlist not working on master SWF
September 30, 2011 06:20PM
Hello everyone,

We are using the JCPlaylist on out flash project and something strange is happening. We have 4 sub-swfs for each interface domain and 3 of those have a JCPlaylist. Two of those share the same item definition ( size and color settings) and the last one has a complete different setup. The 4 sub-swfs are aggregate on a master swf. This swf those not used on its library any instance of the Playlist!! Without a JcPlaylist and the JcPlaylist Assets folder the playlist on the master swf don't work. This is kinda strange since the sub swfs have a compiled playlist already in place. Can some please tell us how do we used the JCPlaylist component in separate swfs with separate design without one affecting the other?

Re: JC Playlist not working on master SWF
October 05, 2011 07:50AM
kanuzaoooo, are you talking about jcplaylist or about jcplayer? I'm asking because this is a forum specifically created for JCPlayer component and not for JCPlaylist.
Nevertheless, the problem that you are experiencing might be solved if you will use the a LoaderContext when you are loading your swf files.
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