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December 07, 2010 03:49AM
I'm new to JC Player. I'm trying to use an if statement to detect my navigation cuepoints that are embedded in the FLV, and then move a little chapter marker arrow when the appropriate cuepoint is detected. I have done something similar in FLV Playback component, and after reading your user guide, thought I could figure this out, but I must be missing something. My instance of JC Player is called "presentation."
I tried using event.info, event.info.name, no luck. When playing, the player passes the cuepoint with nothing happening. I need to be able to distinguish the cuepoints from each other, and I can't think of a way to do that without an if statement. Does JC Player not recognize the "name" property? Am I missing something obvious? Thank you!!!

import JCPlayerEvent; 
function cuePointHandler(event:JCPlayerEvent):void { 
if(event.info.name=="01_Start"winking smiley{
yellowarrow.y = 131;
if(event.info.name=="02_PRP"winking smiley{
yellowarrow.y = 176;
if(event.info.name=="03_Diff"winking smiley{
yellowarrow.y = 224;

The board keeps putting "winking smiley" instead of a right parentheses.
December 07, 2010 01:58PM
I suggest you should open a ticket and send us the source file you are working on.

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