Trouble with FullScreen mode mixed to Shadowbox

Posted by user430625 
Trouble with FullScreen mode mixed to Shadowbox
September 03, 2010 11:09AM
Hi everybody,

My english is not very good (in fact I speak french). Also I have a trouble with the fullscreen mode.
I decided to take the html version of JC player because you have the all code and the skinnable version is not so skinnable as i would like. This player is putting in a Shadowbox.js (like Lightbox)
Here are the url website :
I try only in the last video called BipBip & Coyotte

Here is the code of the player

//The code bellow allows the JCPlayer to be configured 
//from the html container using FlashVars.
//Sequence 1: Stage setup
//Importing classes and setting the player size using the stage/swf dimensions
jcplayer.width = stage.stageWidth;
jcplayer.height = stage.stageHeight;
/*function stageResizeHandler(evt:Event):void{
	jcplayer.width = stage.stageWidth;
	jcplayer.height = stage.stageHeight;

//Sequence 2: Defining params
//ParameterList - here we keep all settable parameters
var paramList:Array = ["startPhotoSource","videoURL", "loop","autoPlay", "scaleMode", "volume", "bufferTime", "backgroundColor1","movieBackgroundColor", "backgroundColor2", "highlightColor", "inkColor", "playButton", "timeBar", "seekBar", "volumeButton", "fullScreenButton", "skin","smoothing","autoHide","autoHideFullScreen","offsetY","offsetYFullScreen","margins","marginsFullScreen"];
//ParameterType - here we keep the type for each parameter.
var paramType:Array = ["String","String", "Boolean","Boolean", "String", "Number", "Number", "Number","Number", "Number", "Number", "Number", "Boolean", "Boolean", "Boolean", "Boolean", "Boolean", "String","String","Boolean","Boolean","Number","Number","Number","Number"];
// Sequence 3: Parsing params
//This sequence updates the component params from FlashVars through the "loaderInfo" object

var l = paramList.length;
var numberValueconfused smileytring;
for (var i =0;i<l;i++){
	if (root.loaderInfo.parameters[paramList[i]]){
		switch (paramType[i]){
			case "Boolean":
				if (String(root.loaderInfo.parameters[paramList[i]])=="false"winking smiley{
					jcplayer[paramList[i]] = false;
					jcplayer[paramList[i]] = true;					
			case "Number":
				numberValue = root.loaderInfo.parameters[paramList[i]] 
				if ((paramList[i]=="backgroundColor1"winking smiley||(paramList[i]=="backgroundColor2"winking smiley||(paramList[i]=="movieBackgroundColor"winking smiley||(paramList[i]=="highlightColor"winking smiley||(paramList[i]=="inkColor"winking smiley){
					if (root.loaderInfo.parameters[paramList[i]].indexOf("#"winking smiley==0){
						numberValue= "0x"+numberValue.substr(1,numberValue.length-1);
				jcplayer[paramList[i]] = Number(numberValue);
			case "String":
				jcplayer[paramList[i]] = String(root.loaderInfo.parameters[paramList[i]]);

And here the code to skin it

jcplayer.videoURL = "video/bipbipcoyotte.flv";
jcplayer.highlightColor = 0xc60086;
jcplayer.backgroundColor1 = 0x000000;

jcplayer.inkColor = 0x5f5f5f;
jcplayer.autoPlay = false;

jcplayer.autoHide = true;
jcplayer.offsetY = 45;
jcplayer.margins = 5;
jcplayer.marginsFullScreen = 70;
jcplayer.offsetYFullScreen = 45;
jcplayer.movieBackgroundColor = 0xffffff;

jcplayer.width = 360;
jcplayer.height = 288;
var myBufferLength:Number = jcplayer.bufferLength;


The player is okay but the trouble is when you pass to the fullscreen mode to the normal mode. The video goes up at the top of de div. The video must stay at the same place but this is not the case. (also the same place is in the middle of the div)

Thanks for your answer
Re: Trouble with FullScreen mode mixed to Shadowbox
September 06, 2010 11:05AM
From what I understand this matter was discussed on a support ticket. If you have further questions please feel free to let us know.

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