Fullscreen - fullScreenTakeOver propriety and problem
May 19, 2010 09:12PM

no fullScreenTakeOver propriety like FLVPlayback ...
my website use a fullscreen function. but if i use it, JCPlayer go to fullscreen ... and not the stage.

when the JCPlayer go to fullscreen mode, the mouse is interacted with other movieclip on the stage, below from JCPlayer ... ? why ?

Re: Fullscreen - fullScreenTakeOver propriety and problem
May 20, 2010 01:06PM
Ok I post the Jumpeyes solution :

1) put into your code :
stage.addEventListener(FullScreenEvent.FULL_SCREEN, onFullscreenChange, false, 0xFF,true);

function  onFullscreenChange(e:FullScreenEvent):void {



2) use to mouseChildren=false or removeListener for stop event listener under JCPLayer.

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