Full screen mode

Posted by bartpop 
Full screen mode
December 18, 2009 07:34PM
I've started working with JC Player and had a question regarding the full screen button. Is that button there to allow users to write the AS to implement the full screen functionality? The full screen button doesn't change the player on any of the sample files provided, at least not for me.
Re: Full screen mode
December 21, 2009 12:58PM

Please note that the FullScreen mode will not be displayed in Flash IDE. you will have to open the swf file in order to be able to enter the FullScreen mode.
Re: Full screen mode
December 21, 2009 09:00PM
I tried opening the example files (Flash_CS3_CS4 folder) and publishing the SWF and HTML and viewing in my browser, but the movie won't go to full screen mode.

I then opened the sample files that came in the HTML_NO_Flash folder and those files would enter full screen mode. As a test I opened one of those FLA files (Default Skin/jcplayer.fla) and published the file without making any changes. After publishing, the player would no longer enter full screen mode so I'm afraid there is something amiss in the component.

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Re: Full screen mode
December 23, 2009 08:51AM

You will have to make sure that you are publishing the html file in "Flash only -Allow Full Screen" mode. You can set that option from Flash before publishing the file :

Flash> File> Publish Settings > HTML > and set the Template to "Flash only -Allow Full Screen"
Re: Full screen mode
December 23, 2009 06:18PM
That's it! Thank you!

I'm using SWFobject to place a container SWF on my HTML page. The container SWF later loads a child SWF with a JC Player instance. Including the following code on the original SWFObject call did the trick.

params.allowFullScreen ="true";

I learn something new every day... I hope!winking smiley
Re: Full screen mode
December 23, 2009 07:30PM
I've come across a new problem. I'm listening for the JCPlayerEvent.FULL_SCREEN but it doesn't appear to be firing. I'm able to successfully listen for the other JCPlayer events. Also, attempting to call myPlayer.setFullScreen(true); results in an error (A term is undefined and has no properties.) Any ideas?

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Re: Full screen mode
January 05, 2010 12:08AM
I'm still looking for a solution to the FULL_SCREEN event issue. Currently, when the viewer exits full screen mode, the JC Player instance positions itself with the top-left corner in the center of the monitor -- not the center of the browser. I would like to write a script to handle the re-positioning but that's only possible if I can detect when the JC Player is firing the FULL_SCREEN event. Any ideas?
Re: Full screen mode
January 06, 2010 06:22AM
Has anyone been able to detect the JCPlayerEvent.FULL_SCREEN event?
Re: Full screen mode
January 18, 2010 08:17AM

Sorry for the late reply - it's more advisable to write us using the ticket system because we don't guarantee 100% response on forum posts.


I have tested both ,the fullScreen event and the setFullScreen() method and they works fine . Please open a new support ticket, attach your source files along with a detailed description about that issue and we will take a look at it to see what's wrong there.

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Re: Full screen mode
June 09, 2010 07:28AM
I revisited the FULL_SCREEN event issue again, but still no luck. I followed the instructions exactly as indicated in the PDF manual:

import JCPlayerEvent;

private function fullScreenHandler(event:JCPlayerEvent):void {
myJCPlayer.highlightColor = 0x00FF00;

(I'm testing in my browser so am changing the video player highlight color to verify whether the fullScreenHandler is getting called.) I've had no luck with this method but found a different solution in another post. I changed my event listener code to:


and that event is being detected and working properly. I went back and ran a trace on "JCPlayerEvent.FULL_SCREEN" to make sure that the JCPlayerEvent is being imported properly and that's working fine. I just can't get the JCPlayerEvent.FULL_SCREEN event to be detected.

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Re: Full screen mode
June 10, 2010 01:40PM

I am really sorry for misleading you all this time. It finally turned out to be a mistake on our side. The JCPlayerEvent.FULL_SCREEN event actually does not exists. It was initially included in the specs list but the project manager decided to not use it since that event would actually be identical with the stage. FullScreenEvent which seems you have already used it as mentioned above.
Thank you very much for bringing that issue in our attention. We will fix and update the AS documentation as soon is possible.
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